Great weekend!

Great weekend. Sales are up! Kate is excited:)IMG_6099




Otto Angel video tutorial 

To make your own Otto angel you will require the following beads and pieces:

  1. Body – 1x Rigatoni pasta (available in big retail shops: Sainsbury’s, Tesco)
  2. Head – 1x 12mm Wooden bead with 1mm hole (available in most craft shops or on
  3. Wings  – 1x Farfalle pasta (available in big retail shops: Sainsbury’s, Tesco)
  4. Hands – 2x Amber pasta (available in European’s shops or upon request)
  5. Body decorations – 3x Stars pasta (available in big retail shops: Sainsbury’s)
  6. White string – Nylon knit 1mm wide which you need to tie (available on or craft shops)
  7. Permanent glue – any No Nails glue for tiles will will work well (available in B&Q, ScrewFix, Wilkinsons)
  8. Paint spray – color depends on your own taste and preferences. We used Matt White spray for all surfaces (available in B&Q, ScrewFix, Wilkinsons)







Make sure you spray your angel in dust free place. Hold a knit of your angel and spray ink around the angel. After that hang him in a warm dry place to give ink to dry. WUALIA, you have fully equipped angel to place on your Christmas Tree!