Want to become a craftsman for a day?

You can get our Spaghetti Angel’s kit to make your own Angels by yourself! We created two different kit types. All you need is to put bits together and job done. Have a look what you can create on your own by following basic tutorial slip enclosed. If you got stuck and need more information please visit our Youtube channel or ‘How To Make An Angel’ section.


IMG_6680 IMG_6679



Otto Angel video tutorial 

To make your own Otto angel you will require the following beads and pieces:

  1. Body – 1x Rigatoni pasta (available in big retail shops: Sainsbury’s, Tesco)
  2. Head – 1x 12mm Wooden bead with 1mm hole (available in most craft shops or on Ebay.co.uk)
  3. Wings  – 1x Farfalle pasta (available in big retail shops: Sainsbury’s, Tesco)
  4. Hands – 2x Amber pasta (available in European’s shops or upon request)
  5. Body decorations – 3x Stars pasta (available in big retail shops: Sainsbury’s)
  6. White string – Nylon knit 1mm wide which you need to tie (available on Ebay.co.uk or craft shops)
  7. Permanent glue – any No Nails glue for tiles will will work well (available in B&Q, ScrewFix, Wilkinsons)
  8. Paint spray – color depends on your own taste and preferences. We used Matt White spray for all surfaces (available in B&Q, ScrewFix, Wilkinsons)







Make sure you spray your angel in dust free place. Hold a knit of your angel and spray ink around the angel. After that hang him in a warm dry place to give ink to dry. WUALIA, you have fully equipped angel to place on your Christmas Tree!