Message of gratitude to all people

One of the posts that for some reason did not appear on our website on time.

Another successful year for Spaghetti Angel organisation! Thanks to People’s contribution and profitable Sunday car boot sales.
Money have been transferred to Visaginas (in Lithuania) for families with low income. All funds have been received just before Christmas and we hope that this little help brought smiles on kids faces.
New goals and projects are on the way! Thanks again for your support and help!  J & KIMG_1326.JPG


Market sales boost Christmas pot – Nov 2016

We hope you having a fantastic and productive 2016 Year and are getting ready for an upcoming 2017!
This Year SPAGHETTI ANGEL’S CHARITY fundraising mission lies in collecting CLOTHES AND OTHER ITEMS NO LONGER NEEDED/IN USE around Denham area (Bedfordshire) and selling them each Sunday on car boot sale (locally).

First time we started selling at 8am and finished at 10.30 with a profit of £60.00. The most expensive items were my shoooes – £5.00 a pair:) the rest were sold for £1; 50p and 20p!!!
Last week it was a little bit rainy and even though we started earlier (7am) and finished later (12pm) our total rounded up to £40.00- but,every little helps!
Overall veery very happy with this idea as first we clear up our own cupboards, help others to do so and second we earn quite a bit with a minimum effort and loads of joy and have an opportunity to spread a word about the Charity.
*** It does feel good when you start your morning with a mission, fun and great results! ***

Summery of the season 2015

Dear Friends,
It’s time for us to say THANK YOU!
This year has been very successful for Spaghetti Angel LTD. It was fun, enjoyable, sometimes difficult, but with your help and support we have again completed ‘the mission’ and raised some funds to help families with low income in our hometown Visaginas.
One more time- please accept our sincere appreciation for being supportive and for your strong wish to help others.
And just like last year – we wish you to be healthy & successful in the New 2016!
With respect,

Your Spaghetti Angel Team.
Дорогие друзья!
Пришло время подвести итоги!
Этот год был очень успешным для Spaghetti Angel LTD. Было весело, душевно, местами трудно, но с вашей помощью и поддержкой у нас снова получилось довести всё до конца и собрать средства на помощь малоимущим семьям в городе Висагинас.
Еще раз – примите искреннюю признательность за неравнодушное отношение к проблемам других людей.
Ну и как и в прошлом году – От всей души желаем Вам крепкого здоровья, благополучия и успехов в Новом 2016 году!
С Уважением,

Bаш, коллектив Spaghetti Angelnew year 2016