Market sales boost Christmas pot – Nov 2016

We hope you having a fantastic and productive 2016 Year and are getting ready for an upcoming 2017!
This Year SPAGHETTI ANGEL’S CHARITY fundraising mission lies in collecting CLOTHES AND OTHER ITEMS NO LONGER NEEDED/IN USE around Denham area (Bedfordshire) and selling them each Sunday on car boot sale (locally).

First time we started selling at 8am and finished at 10.30 with a profit of £60.00. The most expensive items were my shoooes – £5.00 a pair:) the rest were sold for £1; 50p and 20p!!!
Last week it was a little bit rainy and even though we started earlier (7am) and finished later (12pm) our total rounded up to £40.00- but,every little helps!
Overall veery very happy with this idea as first we clear up our own cupboards, help others to do so and second we earn quite a bit with a minimum effort and loads of joy and have an opportunity to spread a word about the Charity.
*** It does feel good when you start your morning with a mission, fun and great results! ***


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